Short Story

The Retcon Man

The science fiction podcast magazine Escape Pod has just published one of my short stories entitled The Retcon Man. It’s about an unscrupulous time traveler tasked with fixing events of a past crime. This piece is narrated by Dave Robison, and if you enjoyed the piece, consider donating to Escape Pod, as they’ve published (and narrated) my piece and provided it for you completely free.

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Web novel

The Glyph Queen

The Glyph Queen is a fantasy/sci-fi webnovel has been completed and is free online for anyone who is interested. Kindle and epub formats are available. When Winnie was thirteen, the town watch taught her how to fire a rifle. Her school practiced drills in case raiders came. The town grew crops in makeshift greenhouse-adapted buildings—the only places warm enough during a worldwide nuclear winter. In marches the Lakiran empire—a corporate-born nation overseen by once-CEO and…

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